I hurt

I hurt

So, yesterday I worked on a huge HGTV commercial production.  Call time was 7 a.m.  This is better than the 6:15 it was going to be.  

Monday I worked on a Food City shoot (this is a local grocery chain like Kroger.  They also own Wise Foods–I think that’s the name.  It’s phonetically right).  That was a 7:15 call time, and I had stayed up way too late the night before so I was super tired.  Anyway, Monday was fun, but I ran a lot of errands and spent about 2 hours staking out the director’s mailbox awaiting the arrival of an express package that was supposed to be held at the post office but wasn’t.  The postal people suggested I try to track down the mailman, but when I stopped by the house to see if we’d missed him, we hadn’t.  I have lost my car charger for my cell phone, though.  That was a bummer.  Also, my knee hurt for some odd reason.  I must have hit the kneecap on something.  Everytime I had to go up or down stairs, there was shooting pain that said “don’t bend that, you moron.”

Anyway, the point of that story was, I was tired Monday night and had no problem getting right to sleep.  This was a good thing as I had to get up at 5:45 (a time I did not remember existed.  I think I used to get up that early for school, but that just seems unkind to do to kids.)  So I got up and headed out.  It was 24 degrees (better than the 12 of Monday morning), and my car never did warm up completely.  That’s the joy of Knoxville.  Everything is so close, you don’t have time to warm up your car.

So, we had a lot of extras from a local talent agency along with many volunteers from local schools and myspace (which may be the reason I can’t send out any messages from Rebecca Claire’s myspace account.  I think someone decided I was spam.  I made great use of the networking search.  I highly recommend that.  But I would love to be able to reply to people without having to add them as a friend and then posting a comment.  It blows.  I’m working on it.)  I got to sign them all in and take their picture with their number.  Then it was like herding cats.  They were supposed to stay along the left side of the theater (we were shooting in the TN Theatre) or go downstairs for their craft services.  There was a fairly long wait from the 8:30 call for talent until we finally started shooting.  They had some rehearsing to do and what not, but that didn’t last a whole long time.  The lady in charge of the theatre fussed at us because some people had wandered around and blocked an exterior door open with a hanger.  They apparently have trouble with homeless folks sneaking in and getting a warm spot to sleep in the theatre.

Anyway, we had nearly 80 extras, a huge crew, including 6 or more p.a.s, I lost count of the number of grips, clients, camera crew.  It was insane.  And we had 1 craft services lady keeping us all fed.  She did a great job, and I snacked all day.

So on to why I’m in pain.  We shot all morning and afternoon inside.  This included a lot of standing around, running around, running up and down stairs, and extra herding/question answering/and entertaining.  Plus we had people who hadn’t shown up to track down.  Also, I brought my 3 cameras as props, so my attention was split with keeping an eye on my babies and answering questions when they got cranky and all of that other stuff.  Luckily Wade (our fabulous realtor) and Adam (bestman from our wedding) were there in the morning, so I gave them each a nice camera.  The Nikon I wasn’t so worried about b/c that’s not how I make my living.  I found a trustworthy looking woman, and she took good care of it.  After Wade and Adam left, I had gotten to know some of the extras a bit better (as in I knew who they were now), and so I felt a bit more comfortable having my cameras in other people’s hands.  Also, the production insured them.  And, I don’t have any big shoots in the immediate future, so if they broke, there was time to replace/repair them.

Ok, so we spent the day running around inside a nice warm theatre.  Up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs, down the stairs, down the hall, back up the hall.  It was crazy and my legs were annoyed.  Then it was time for the outdoor shot.  Yes, that’s outdoors in the freezing weather.  We had a water truck to wet the road (so it looks pretty and new) and a salt truck to keep it from freezing (only after the shoot was over).  We had a huge 1920s searchlight (which King Konged and Balihoo’d in the background).  We nixed the sparklers (after having to nix the fireworks due to the firemarshall)

There was a good 2 hour period where the extras were just sitting while we carted our production down the street.  Cars had to be towed.  Craft services had to move.  The grips did all the lighting work, so that was nice (as a photo assistant, I was always part of the heavy lifting.  It’s kind of nice to not do that anymore)  Cheri, the prop lady, could not keep a working walkie.  It just kept dying.  I’d run back to the theatre, go down the stairs, through the underneath production area to where we stored the walkies.  Eventually I was bringing a variety of batteries and headsets, but none worked.  I think the headsets were screwy.  I also suspect she has some sort of weird, headset-killing electro-magnetic field around her.  Eventually she got on that worked without a headset.

I think I must have run back and forth from the outside set to the theatre staging area over a dozen times.  Then we got to stand around outside.  They had heaters, but that really only got to the top of my head.  I’m just glad I wasn’t talent.  I got to wear my coat and gloves the whole time.  We had to rehearse the “paparazzi” extras for a while first.  During that time, we put our “celebrity” in the limo (oh, this whole thing looked like a big red carpet movie premier.  That was the concept), and I got to stand in.  They had me walking up and down the red carpet like an idiot while people pretended to take my picture.  It was kind of fun, and I put on my cheesiest Miss America grin and wave.  Everyone laughed and then we brought out the “fan” extras.  We lined them up and practiced a few times.

Now for the best part.  Remember, it’s January and feels like it.  We’re all in big heavy coats, you can see our breath, I think it was in the 20s.  Lower 20s.  We’re ready to shoot and they announce, “Coats off!  Try not to breath too much or your mustache will be on fire!  Everyone look natural!”  HAH!  I was never happier to be in the crew.  I held some coats and stood by the heater while these poor extras in “non-seasonal” clothes shivered along the red carpet.  But they were real troopers.  As soon as they yelled “action,” everyone was happy and excited and taking pictures at a balmy movie premier.  Then, as soon as they yelled “cut,” we were back to cold, shivering, and probably turning a bit purple.

Now to return to me and my pain.  We must remember that I was running all day (about 12 hours of it) and now I am standing in the cold.  Just standing.  I could feel all of my muscles stiffening up.  But I was happy to have my coat on and hot cocoa in my hands.  We shot for about 2 hours, I guess.  I had very little concept of time by then.  We then released the extras and packed it up.  When I got home, I was exhausted.  I lay on the couch for a while, then we drug ourselves to bed (Nate was working on 2 hours of sleep b/c he and Adam had stayed up almost until I got up, then they had to go drop Adam’s car off for repairs and were planning on coming home for a nap.  Mean me called and said “Please send Adam to the theatre.  We need him!  We’re short on Paparazzi!”  So they dragged themselves over and we really appreciated having Adam.  The wardrobe lady thought he was really cute.  Nate had to go to work downtown.  He stole Adam back around 4ish and they went home to play.)

Anyway, I feel like I’m about 80.  Going up and down stairs is comical.  I need to move around to get everything unstiff, but I think I will just go play video games for a while.  I have to run by the bank and post office, but these both have drive throughs, so I’m not too worried about it.  And that’s been my week.  Tomorrow I meet with the accountant (assuming the weather doesn’t trap her at home), and then we have some time off (for me to work on album designs and promotions.  There’s no such thing as “time off” for us).


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