An odd way to wake up

An odd way to wake up
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So, Nate doesn’t have work this morning and we decided to sleep in.  Around 8:30, I get a call, which I answer in my usual way, only to be informed that this is a call from a person on a computer.  No, this isn’t voice over ip.  This is some person typing on their computer, while this guy at this speaking service tells me what they are saying.  I then respond and he types it to the person on the other line.  I had never heard of this kind of service, and I had thought that people who made calls using their computer had to have a microphone.  But I can see the validity of such a service.  It could be a deaf person, or someone who doesn’t speak English but has some sort of way to translate through the computer/speaking service.  Anyway, it was early, I had just woken up, and it took a few explainations before I understood what I had to do.  Mainly just say “go ahead” each time I was done speaking.  On to the call.

The speaker/typist says that he must type everything I say and to please speak slowly and ennunciate and repeat the way I answered the phone.  I comply expecting it to be either one of my friends who live out of the country (perhaps this is a cheaper way to call internationally?  I don’t know) or someone looking for photography services.  Nope.  They would like to buy a roll of Fuji film.  One, I’m a digital photographer and just this past year, I donated all of my remaining film to a school.  There are a few rolls of shot, but undeveloped film somewhere around here, but other than that, I have no film.  Two, I’m a photographer, not a photographic supplier.  I get these kinds of calls every so often; maybe once a year.  How nice to have my yearly sales call taken care of in January.  

Anyway, I inform the speaker that I cannot supply the caller with Fuji film.  The caller asks if I could help him buy some.  No, I can’t.  I don’t know about you, but it seems odd to be buying film for someone over the phone who you have never met when you yourself are not the distributer of such things as film.  I suggested he contact B&  In that statement, I have given him a way to contact them through a method I know he has (a computer) and their name is so easy.  I should have spelled it out, I suppose.  Perhaps suggested that he Google “letter B ampersand letter H photo,” but I didn’t think it would need such spelling because we had this handy typing guy.

Anyway, he then asks if I have their phone number.  I do not.  I suppose I could go look it up, but honestly, I’m still a little groggy.  I told him I did not and he hung up, which I learned by the speaker saying “the caller has hung up.”  It was all very odd and way too much for have just woken up.



That was someone trying to scam you: a variation on the Nigerian scam.

Posted by Ariel on Monday, January 22, 2007 – 4:31 PM 


Good to know.  No wonder they were pissed at me.  I thought it was odd that they only wanted 1 roll.  No one orders 1 roll of film.  For that, you go to a store.  The shipping makes it silly.

Posted by Claire on Monday, January 22, 2007 – 4:33 PM


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