Weird Climates

Weird Climates
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Anyone else having an odd winter?  I’m just listing to PRI and they’re talking about the lack of snow in the Alps.  Swiss banks aren’t lending money for new resorts and tourists are skiing in slush and mud.  It’s killing the winter sports industry this season.  Of course, last hour they were talking about the killer frost in the U.S. citrus areas.  70% of the California citrus crop is destroyed.  They’re not supposed to get frost in Southern CA.  I also heard all of the tulips in Virginia are blooming and birds are migrating north already.  Seems a bit early for that kind of activity.

Here in Knoxville we can’t decide if it’s January or June.  The weekend was chilly (50s) and then we got into the 70s.  Now it’s cold and rainy again.  Shouldn’t it be cold all the time?

Perhaps we should start thinking about that global warming thing.  Or not, and I will enjoy my ocean front property in steamy tropical Tennessee.



It’s freezing in Louisville. Our high today is 34.  This morning it was 18 degrees! bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! 

Posted by Heather on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 – 3:15 PM 


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