Bleak House in Knoxville

Just before the New Year weekend, I met with Kristie over at the Bleak House, also known as the Confederate Memorial Hall.  She is super nice, and I was able to tag along on a tour of the house and grounds.  It is so pretty there.  The gardens are terraced into 5 levels (I think it’s 5) and each one is unique.  There’s also a really cool walk way.  Here are some of the pictures I took during my visit.

This is the house from the second garden terrace.

Kind of a spooky shot of the front door.  Or perhaps it’s a dreamy shot.

All of the stairs have this cool concrete banister.

The tower where Confederate snipers sat.

During the spring and summer, this path is covered in hanging wisteria.  I thought it was beautiful with no leaves.

I thought he was a cutie.

The gazebo is cool from all angles.

Just a few little spaces I thought were neat.  Everywhere I turned was another great photo.

Unfortunately, I can’t share the inside pics.  I got fussed at by one of the tour guides.  Not a mean fussing, just a “we don’t usually allow that” fussing.  I understand that they raise a lot of money for historic preservation through tours, so why spoil the surprise.  There are all kinds of neat spaces in the house too.  I’m giving those pics to Kristie, so maybe they’ll show up on the website.


~ by rebeccaclaire on January 12, 2007.

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