My birthday

I don’t think my birthday went just as some people had hoped, but that’s ok.  It wasn’t their birthday.  It was MY BIRTHDAY!  YAY!  And I had a great time.  We ate sushi lunch at Sakura (for the third day in a row) and then Robin and I went shopping while Nate, Adam and Bill went off to do whatever it is that men do.  Robin and I stopped at 2 Asian markets (and bought snackies that we couldn’t read), Toys R Us (where I bought a fun game), Baby’s R Us (where Robin bought a gift for her brother), and a book store (where I can’t tell you what I bought b/c it was gift related, so it’s a secret).

Nate called us on the way home and sent us to get cherry limeades at Sonic.  That took forever!  I paid w/ my credit card, but apparently the drink deliverer didn’t know b/c I was waiting for her to say “your credit card receipt is on your cup” and she was waiting for me to give her money.  She eventually said “did you pay with credit card?” to which I replied “yes.”  She said “Sorry, I didn’t know.”  It wasn’t a big deal.  It was just a situation that had an odd awkwardness about it.  We bought champagne on the way home.

When I arrived at the house, the men were building things with tools.  I started putting stuff away when Nate directed my attention downstairs.  That was when I realized that we had a tree!  Then Robin and I got to work on making cookies.  I almost ruined them by accidentally putting baking soda instead of baking powder.  We didn’t have enough flour to start over, but we did have wheat flour.  So they were half whole wheat cookies.  They turned out great!  That is the first time Robin and I didn’t destroy whatever we were cooking together.

Aaron and Sara got there around the same time and we all went downstairs to hang out.  We played the game I bought at Toys R Us.  It’s called Loaded Questions and was really fun.  But I was not sober, so it was hard to remember the rules.  That made it more fun.

We then switched to DDR.  I rocked out!  I think I rocked out.  Either way, it was fun, but exhausting.  So, exhausted, we switched to Guitar Hero 2 (which Aaron brought).  He showed us how to work it, but I remembered from the day he bought it, so I had a bit of an advantage.  Anyway, he thought I was going to completely botch a song, and instead I rocked it!  I rocked out on Trogdor too!  I am an extreme Guitar Hero!  Go me!

I’m not a hundred percent certain what we did next.  Movie maybe?  I think I fell asleep.  And that was my birthday.  It rocked!  🙂

~ by rebeccaclaire on December 22, 2006.

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