Weird Cat Hygene

Weird Cat Hygene
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I’ve noticed my life has been very cat-centric.  Ever since India had to visit the vet it’s “cat cat cat computer cat cat.”  Today was hopefully the last day of that.  When I took India in to find out what was wrong with him, I also signed him up for the “wellness plan.”  This is basically a way for the vet to get you to buy things you normally wouldn’t, like cat dentistry.  Well, I got that part b/c it covered the bloodwork for what actually ailed him, but if I took him to get his teeth cleaned within a week, it was all free, and we wouldn’t have to redo the bloodwork.  

Today barely squeaked in the “within a week.”  I now have a cat with sparkly teeth and fresh breath.  How delightful.  They have told me I should brush his teeth every day, but I don’t want my cat to hate me, so I think it’ll be ok.  It’s a cat.

Today also included a recheck to make sure the expenses of last week were paying off.  Delightfully, everything looks good.  I do have to continue the antibiotic for another 1.5 weeks or so.  I’ve found that the best way to administer liquid medicine to a cat involves basically sitting on the cat and scruffing him.  He takes it very well and most of the medicine actually gets inside the cat.  It’s way easier than pills (which require a towel, a cross-legged position that pins all kitty limbs, and your finger practically down the cat’s throat.  Even with all of these precautions, it still leads to pills spit across the room, foaming at the mouth, running, and foaming while running)

Unfortunately, sometime during our travels today, India messed his box and then laid in it, so the drive home included a delightful smell which led to the finale of kitty day.  Bath time.  Now, we’ve found that when you have 2 cats, you can never bath just one.  They hold that against you for a week.  You also can’t bath the fluffy one first.  He must see that his brother has already received the same abuse.  So, India went into the bathroom while we gathered Rupert (who was hiding and hissed as soon as we got him into the bathroom.  He knew what was up)  Then into the bathtub with India while Rupert sat waiting for us to let him out (because he didn’t smell like cat pee and therefore certainly didn’t need a bath).

We got drenched and soaked the bathroom, but that’s about par for the course.  We now have 2 clean but pissed off cats.  They’ll forgive us eventually.  They did very well.  India was still drugged from his dental adventure, and Rupert just sucked it up and whined only a little.  This is a grand improvement from the pitiful wailling we used to get.  Maybe one day they’ll learn to like it.  I doubt it.

~ by rebeccaclaire on December 13, 2006.

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