Gigantic Sigh of Relief

I unplugged everything and restarted the computer. It’s fine. I plugged the scary hard drive into a different port. It’s fine (for now). I’m now backing everything up. I guess it was just a driver crash or a port malfunction, but let me tell you all a little something I learned yesterday. When you’re sitting at your computer, burning back ups and suddenly, the files you were backing up start disappearing, then other files disappear, and this is all happening on a brand of hard drive you’ve heard has had crashing issues with other people, your stomach makes a run for your toes and your brain literally spins in your head. Your eyes bug out, and your heart rate rising to what is probably an unhealthy level. Basically, freaking out happens.

Then you’re thankful that you’re a ridiculously anal person and burn the originals before anything else happen. But you realize that you may be losing a week of retouching work, and you just give up for the afternoon and go play video games instead.

So, thank you to everyone who provided suggestions and support. I will keep these on file for the next time my computer decides to wig out.


~ by rebeccaclaire on December 9, 2006.

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