So perhaps I shouldn’t quit my day job

I spent all day working on an album design, and when Nate got home, we had a critique.  He kept trying to be nice, but I know my designs just didn’t live up to the expectation.  I am quickly understanding why all of the designs out there look the same.  Everything I was doing was looking like the style of design you get when album companies send you a sample.  Now, this isn’t necessarily a terrible design look, but it’s not OUR look.  We have a very definite style associated with our albums.  It’s clean and modern and focuses on making the images really pop.  My pages were starting to get lost in the jumble.  I got kind of discouraged and gave up for the evening.
Well, today is a new day and I’m keeping our critique in mind.  I worked really hard earlier in the week to get ahead on print orders and those are simply waiting on the lab, so I have all day to devote to design.  I will learn how to do this.  I hate being bad at something.  Nate has promised me this weekend to go over and make tweaks (or redesigns on any train wrecks I can’t get back on track.  And there are a few train wreck pages, I must admit).  If we can work together and get all of these designs done while still meeting the level of quality we expect from our work, all of this work will be well worth it.  And if I can master this whole design thing, I’ll be ecstatic!  If not, Nate has some busy days ahead redoing my work.  I can’t have ugly albums out there.  They will be beautiful, end of story.

~ by rebeccaclaire on December 7, 2006.

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