Non pet owners probably won’t care

Non pet owners probably won’t care
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India FINALLY pooped!  After nearly a week and $400+ of vet bills, my cat made poopie!  Well, he’d actually made plenty of it already, he just wasn’t ready to let it go.  You should’ve seen the x-ray.  The vet nurse said she’d never seen anything like it.  She’d seen plenty of animals who pooed too much, but not one who wasn’t at all.  Of course, now we have to change his diet and deal with a still slightly peeved cat, but at least he isn’t going to explode.  Hurray!


Why couldn’t he poop? Right now Kartik is doing his GI (gastrointestinal) rotation, so we’ve been discussing endoscopy (sticking cameras up butts). Why the blockage? Was he constipated? I’m almost as relieved as your cat must be.

Posted by Binkums on Thursday, December 07, 2006 – 11:00 AM 


I think he was at least slightly dehydrated.  He also had crystals in his urethra, but nothing in his kidneys and no stones.  I had put their fountain away b/c I couldn’t keep it clean and switched them to bowl water which isn’t nearly as fun.  I bought them a new jumbo fountain that holds 1.6 gallons and comes completely apart so I can clean the pump too (the old one was put together in a way that prevented pump cleaning).  They love the new fountain and India seems pleased with his rediscovered pooping abilities.  It was just too sad seeing him get in the box and assume the position just to give up and walk off with a pissed look on his face.  He would try every 10-30 minutes.  They actually put him on IV fluids, gave him a laxative, and lubed his butt!  Could you imagine if your job included kitty anal lubing?  Glad I’m a photographer.

I had thought that perhaps he had eaten something odd.  He loves things like pinestraw.  But they didn’t see anything weird in the x-ray other than each individual turd waiting all lined up in his intestines.  They said that was because there was too much air in there and usually they don’t show up like that.

Basically my cat was busted.

Posted by Claire on Thursday, December 07, 2006 – 11:07 AM 


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