What a great week

So I’ve been a busy lady this week.  Monday I was very diligent and finished my entire to do list in no time.  I sent out all of my remaining proof disks to eager brides.  That makes me happy.  I also worked on picking the pictures for the newest album design.  It was so hard.  I did a fairly loose edit.  Nate has the hard part of culling it down to a reasonably sized book.
I attended a coordinators dinner last night and met some really great people.  There were venues, photographers, a limo/helicopter company, and caterers beyond the expected coordinators.  Everyone is so nice in this town.  Also, people are recognizing my card.  How great is that.

Today I met with the Knoxville Convention Center catering sales managers.  They’re super nice too.  I hope to do some weddings and events there.  It’s a great building, plus they do outdoor events.  I love the fact that there is a huge glass atrium along one side.  Can we say made for great light!

I had lunch with Nate, and on my way home, I found 2 fresh produce stands and an asian market.  Hurray!  Plus, I passed a Smoothie King and had enough stamps for a free one!  And when I got home, what was sitting on the porch awaiting my return?  A pair of shoes and the contract for my first Knoxville wedding!  What a delightful day.  I’m very excited about this wedding.  The couple is super nice and super cute.  I can’t wait to work with them on the whole process.

Tomorrow I was going to meet with a new album company, but that is postponed until next week.  Instead, it’s accounting time.  Fun.  But I’m taking things to a professional tomorrow, so hopefully she’ll tell me what an awesome job I’ve done and how impressed she is with my organizational skills.  Fingers crossed!

Now I should go downstairs and take the evening off.  Nate was good and got all of his work done as well, so it’s play time at our house!  I think he’s playing his new video game.  It’s about time.  He hasn’t gotten to play all week.


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 29, 2006.

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