Happy Turkey (or non-Turkey) Week

Happy Turkey (or non-Turkey) Week

So we had a low country boil for our Turkey Day meal and it was great!  Shrimp and sausage and chicken and potatoes and corn and spices all piled up for us to eat.  Sara was hilarious.  Apparently she is totally grossed out by shrimp legs, so she was trying to peel hers without touching any legs.  Now, I’ve found that the legs are integral to the peeling process, but these shrimp had all be de-veined (the only way to eat them), so there was a separation at the top to help with leg avoidance.  And you know, she didn’t touch a single one.  

Friday, we had some turkey leftovers at the Richey’s house.  They were delicious and really topped off the holiday.  We also went to see the new James Bond.  I haven’t seen any of the newer Pierce Brosnan ones, but I can imagine with him, Bond had more of a comedic air.  Brosnan is always playing comedic leading men, and I figured he’d play Bond like Remington Steele (any of you with some day time tv watching experience know what I’m talking about).  

Daniel Craig, on the other hand, is one hundred percent ass kicking.  I won’t give you too many details, but I must say, I suspected he would be a different kind of Bond strictly from the posters.  I couldn’t put a finger on the difference until I actually saw the movie, but there was a definite change between him and the rest of the Bonds.  Do you want to know?  It’s his eyes.  Most Bonds seem to have a mischevious twinkle.  This Bond doesn’t.  There’s nothing mischevious.  He will kill you or he will seduce you then kill you or leave you when he needs to go kill someone.  It’s pretty awesome.  I hear that’s the way Bond is in the books, 100% ruthless.

Anyway, I feel I am not quite an authority on Bond, but I know enough.  My ex-stepdad wanted to be either James Bond or Magnum PI (He had the mustache and hair for Magnum), so I’ve seen way more of both than I would have otherwise.  He also used to pull the rocking chair right up to the tv during a basketball game and just yell the whole time.  Odd fellow.


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 26, 2006.

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