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You know what sucks?  The sandsea.  Yeah.  It kicks my ass.  They have you all climbing around on these old ruins and fighting little fruit headed critters and some sort of Jawa/Sand People love children, when WHAMMO!  YOU’RE FIGHTING THE SUN!!  This thing is bigger than your entire party combined.  It has something ridiculous like 30,000 hit points!  IT USES FIRAGA!  I’m stuck with little bitty level one fire and this thing is hitting me with FIRAGA!  Um, I don’t think so.  I started to fight one, saw the hit points and realized, Hm, this must be one of those elementals I’m supposed to look out for.  Perhaps I shall proceed in a different direction.

Let’s have a little context here.  Nate has gone to bed and I’m simply looking for a save point that doesn’t involve backtracking.  I spot this sun thingy and think, surely there’s a save point in some other direction.  I go into a cave thinking, perhaps there is a save point here.  Nope, but I do kick some ass and take some names only to find myself at a dead end. 

I’m feeling all cool with my bad self.  I’ve raised my levels to 5-6 above all the enemies (due to a style of play called, maybe there’s something different down this hallway even though it’s been the same the last 15 times, and while we’re here, again, let’s kill some more bad guys)  So I figure I’ll go kick some froggie butt.  Next thing I know THE SUN HAS SNUCK UP ON ME AND KILLED MY ENTIRE PARTY!  I mean, seriously, I notice one person go down, swing the camera around and the friggin’ SUN is peeking around the corner of some stupid ruins!  Where did that come from?  Next thing I know, we’re all dead.

Cool thing is, I have 3 people in reserve so I just pop one of those folks into play and make with the fleeing.  WHAMMO!  He’s dead in one hit.  That’s what Firaga will do to you, by the way.  You have hit points.  You don’t have hit points.  So I pop the next victim in and resume the fleeing.

Luckily, I hadn’t strayed far in my froggie killing spree and made it back to the cave with the sun hot on my heels.  I have 1 person left and she has plenty of magic.  Yay.  So I start reviving my little wussies, including my level 22 guest player who insists on fighting anything that even looks at us funny, even when I’m obviously trying to run away.  Next thing I know, no more magic.  You get more by running, but I’m too battered to fight the Flan down the hall (yes, I’m fighting a delicious custard desert.  They’re not that delicious in this context), so we’re running in circles. 

Once I have everyone refilled on life and magic, I’m ready to make a break for it.  I peek out of the cave and all I see are froggies.  Well, I’m not falling for that trick again.  After turning off everyone’s gambits (except for that stupid guest who fights EVERYTHING), we make a break for the ruins.  I’m back to fending off Sand-wa’s and Fruities, but I’m not taking any chances.  Obviously this Sandsea place is completely devoid of save points.  It’s time to go to bed, and I am more than willing to back track at this point.  I start cutting a path to safety when in the corner of the screen I spot a GIANT YELLOW BALL OF DEATH!

Now I had thought, surely the sun can’t get up on top of the ruins.  HA!  This is the sun we’re talking about.  It can be wherever it needs to be to kill me most effectively.  I gather my folks up to make a break for the far side with that stupid ball of fiery death trying to be all sneaky like.

Well, I got to safety, but I have to say, I was the jumpiest party of ass kicking heroes Dalmasca has ever seen.  Every time I had to stop to kill a group of critters blocking my way, I left my folks to do their work, and I spun that camera on the look out for anything big and yellow.

I think I’m not prepared to visit the king’s tomb and claim Princess Ashe’s birthright.  I think I’ll go east, toward the Westersand and little wolfies and fighting cacti.  Hell, I’m even ready to take on a tyrannosaur if it messes with me.  Just don’t make me go back to the Sandsea.  It freaks me out.


Yeah… I’m gonna go ahead and guess that you’re playing Final Fantasy. I had to google ‘sandsea” to find out, I’m that much of a dork. 🙂


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 23, 2006.

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