less than 1 month

less than 1 month
Current mood:  bouncy


Also, it’s 1 day until our 2 month anniversary!  So, we’ve been married for 2 whole months, and we haven’t killed each other yet.  I think we’re going to make it, folks!  🙂  Of course, I’ve barely laid eyes on Nate since the honeymoon.

There was Karrie’s wedding (so pretty) then work in Atlanta for me, a wedding in Augusta, then a crazy week of work at home for both of us, a weekend at home during which Nate went with Aaron to the beerfest while I did some much needed work, then Robin’s wedding (5 days of pumpkin carving and program printing), work in Atlanta for Nate (during which time I went to Atlanta as well and put Adam’s diningroom table to excellent use catching up on 10 months of accounting), a bat mitzvah in Atlanta, work in Nashville for Nate, I got sick and saw Nate just long enough to pass it on before I went to Atlanta to shoot another wedding, then Aaron came to visit and we all drove to Atlanta to see a BNL concert (rockin’!) while Nate felt like hell.  I then spent the weekend in Asheville with Sara during which time I took a road trip to Augusta to meet with my clients from early October about their album, and then it was last week which we both had off and were at home!  (Nate actually turned down work in Atlanta to make this happen)

It was a glorious week of sitting at home, buying a ps2, gran tourismo 4 and final fantasy 12 and just doing nothing.  I had work I could’ve been doing, but I needed a break.  Now Nate’s back to work, but at least he’s here so I can look at the back of his head while he puts together a commercial.

As for me, I am up to date on my print orders, wedding editing and web page uploading.  Next I need to work on current album orders and proof cd delivery.  Tomorrow is pie day, though.  I’ll do some work, but mainly I must bake a pecan pie.  I found a recipe on the food network that involves burbon.  I learned last year with our fruitcake and eggnog that burbon makes everything better (unless you’re having to drink it straight.  I’m still not up for that).

OH!  All you K-town folks!  Nate has a series of commercials running right now for UT Medical center.  He did the editing and effects work (look at the wristbands).  He caught the tail end of one during the UT football game, so keep an eye out!  They’re pretty rockin’.  🙂

And that’s my life.  Yay.

~ by rebeccaclaire on November 22, 2006.

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  1. Love your life – new and old.

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