I’m so predictable

I’m so predictable
Current mood:  bored

You can always tell when I’m either bored or avoiding my work.  How is that?  Well, my pics change, I start posting lame stuff on my blog, I update random parts of my profile, and I’m constantly on this thing (when I’m not on facebook.  But actually, they’re both open and I just tab back and forth adding random bits of nothing to each until it’s time to go to sleep).  I should read one of the many books on my stack, but it’s late enough that I would fall right to sleep.  I could get ahead on my accounting, but that throws off my system, and I’m currently happy with just staying current (there’s a thing where I like for stuff to zero out and I’m waiting on a few bills to double check stuff and then there are checks to write and what not.  I’m such a number cruncher.)

I wish Nate was done with his job.  I’m ready for bed, or at least a change of scenery.  He’s all busy over there with his feather explosions and silly ad music.  I’m over here trying to show him something silly on myspace and he has to “concentrate” on his “work.”  It’s like it’s his job or something.  He has to be done soon.  The deadline is fast approaching!  Then I can have my man back and the people will rejoice.  🙂

quick update…AND WE’RE DONE!  sort of.  It’s render time.  But that means less concentration and more computing power.  Fun.


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 22, 2006.

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