I’m so cool?

These are some outtakes from a DUB magazine shoot.  Yeah, that’s me with all those lambos. 
I’m standing in for Cierra here.  Too bad I’m like a foot too short!  
Here I am showing Young Jeezy some of the pics so far.

Yeah, I’m sitting on Jeezy’s car.  He was busy, so I figured I would do just as well.

This is Bow Wow’s mom’s house.  She has a NICE house!  It’s beautifully decorated in a clean modern style.

This is Chris, standing in for Bow Wow while we get the lighting all set up.  Or, should I say, this is Chris with all his fancy cars.

Here he is with a Jag.  I think the magazine brought this one for some folks to pose with.  I don’t know whose it actually is.  Maybe it’s Chris’s


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 22, 2006.

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