Atlanta is stupid

Or at least the drivers are. I was driving down 285, going 5 mph just like everyone else. Due to a previous incident, I happen to prefer leaving a fair chunk of space between me and those ahead (unless I’m in a really bad mood, then I’m up close so no one can get in front of me. But I try no to be all like that).

So there was this dipshit in a big ass delivery truck going 5 mph behind me. As I said, that was the speed of EVERYONE! He seemed to take offense at the amount of space I chose to leave between myself and the car in front of me. He decided to let me know of his displeasure by honking.

I ignored him.

He honked again.

I ignored him again.

He continued to honk (and remember, this is a big ass delivery truck horn, not some little bitty car horn). I finally noted my displeasure at his “on top of my trunk” driving and hit the breaks. Now we’re going slower than 5 mph and he’s really pissed. I never came to a complete stop. I simply slowed to 3 and then resumed 5.

Finally the dumbass realized I didn’t care how fast he wanted to go. I was not planning on cruising on up to ride the ass of the other poor soul ahead of me who was stuck behind a semi and, like me, was going 5 mph!

Instead of just writing me off as an out of town granny driver, the dumbass in the delivery truck got over 2 lanes (which dooms him to the 85 traffic! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) He somehow managed to get about even with me and honked while flipping me off. What a dipshit. I mean, honestly. Sorry I refuse to drive like an asshole just because I’m in Atlanta.

and that’s my story.


~ by rebeccaclaire on October 25, 2006.

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