Good Deeds

Good Deeds
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I’m feeling pretty darn good about myself today.  So there was this cat who went to live with my dad.  She was a super sweet kitty who just got a bad rap.  I thought that surely someone in the neighborhood would adopt her, but apparently my dad has already supplied everyone with all the cats they need.  So I saw her the other day, looking hot, a bit tired, and a little freaked out.  I carried her over to meet my dad formally and she seemed ok.  It was like “Oh, this is my new person.  This is my house.  I didn’t understand.  Thanks.”  After everyone else went inside, though, she fussed at me a bit.  I’m assuming it translated to “Why am I here?  I mean really.  It’s hot and dirty and I don’t have any laps to curl up in.  I’m glad I get to go inside now, but honestly, why did it take so long?”  Then it started.  She assumed since she was an indoor kitty, she belonged inside the house.  Dad doesn’t let animals in the house.  I knew she could find a nice inside home if I just looked.  Hurray craigslist!  

I got several interested people and today one nice girl said “I’ll take her.”  And off to Smithville I went.  On my way, I stopped by the store to get some anti-flea shampoo and a toy.  I got there and couldn’t find her!  Dad said she’d been on the porch that morning, but she wasn’t coming when I called her.  I started getting worried, but I was really just looking in the wrong spot.  When I started looking in the right spot, she came right on up and said hello.  I picked her up and we trotted up the hill to where I had a little surprise.  Needless to say, she was surprised.  She was so good about her bath.  She tried to climb out of the bucket, but Dad is fixing up his house and one of the workmen helped me hold her while I sudsed her down.  She then let me towel her off and only started complaining after I had brushed her a bit and she had had enough.  Then into the car for a nice ride to Knoxville.

The ride started with her in her carrier, but the complaining got to me.  I remembered that she liked to ride in the back window, so I let her out.  Apparently she just wanted loves b/c next thing I know, I have kitty all in my lap and the hands I would like to use to steer are being commandeered (one at a time) to scratch ears.  Then she startes nuzzling my chin with her head and putting her paws on my shoulders to get a better angle.  It was an interesting trip.  When I stopped for gas, she got right back into her carrier, but complained when I didn’t let her out immediately upon returning to resume the kitty love fest.  She had a harder time getting into the carrier when we got home.  I guess she decided it wasn’t necessary.

She was confused that she didn’t get to come inside, but seemed ok with the garage.  I went inside to wait for Ashley (her new mom) to call.  Rupert and India seemed suspicious, but they never saw her b/c I took her in and out through the garage door.  She was not interested in getting back in the carrier to go meet Ashley.  She gave me a confused look when I put her in the car that seemed to say “But I thought we were home already.”  I met Ashley at a gas station to exchange.  It may not have been the best place as it was loud and stinky and full of cars.  So I handed over a slightly wigged out looking kitty to a very nice lady who has a modern flower child look to her and “peace” stickers on her bumper.  She seems really nice and is super happy to have a new friend.  I had a hard time letting go as my heart was melted on the trip home, but we just can’t have a 3rd cat.  Nate would move out!

Anyway, I’m feeling good.  I got a fresh start for a sweet kitty.  Now I just need to get to my to do list!  YIKES!


Good job! Kudos for your good deed!

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