Progress being made

Progress being made
Current mood:  cheerful

Robin, Melissa, Paula and I all went to David’s Bridal and it was super fun.  Robin was so cute!  I won’t tell you the verdict on her dress shopping, but I now have a bridesmaid’s dress that does NOT make me look like a pencil.  It doesn’t make me look super sexy curvy either, but at least I’m not a pencil.  Anyway, it’s a super cute dress, and I know everyone always says this, but I think it’s enough of a party dress look to wear elsewhere.  But not before the big day.

Tomorrow I go to Atlanta for a meeting w/ a client (hopefully) and then Mom and I will choose fabrice and I suppose a pattern for my dress.  I’m hoping to meet with the seamstress and get this whole thing underway.  Now I have to get Robin and Sara dressed.

Last weekend I went to ATL for a wedding and Sara helped.  It was great.  I had work on Friday too, so Sara came Friday afternoon and we shopped and I introduced her to Vicky’s.  We had delicious sushi dinner with Claudine who is always wonderful and then spent the night w/ Mom.

Saturday I tried on Mom’s dress and it was too small (and too 70s!), then we went house shopping for Mom.  Then we shot a Jewish/Catholic wedding (with 11 siblings, not counting the bride and groom.  Luckily they weren’t all in the wedding party!) and stayed at Adams where I forgot all of my hanging clothes.  Sigh.

Sunday we had Dim Sum, shopped a bit more and then everyone headed home.  It was an excellent weekend and I meant to write about it earlier.   But I have an excuse.  I got home and went right to work on wedding editing and online posting.  All I have to do now is mail 1 proof disk and I’m done with weddings other than mine and Robin’s for a bit.  Whew!  But print orders keep coming in and Nate’s off at a freelance edit job.  Busy busy busy!

So, that’s my life right now.  It’s beautiful here and I’ve been walking around our neighborhood in the mornings (2ce around is about 1 mile).  I hope this weekend is as nice as the last one.  Perhaps it will be a bit more Nathan-centric.  Probably not.  The man is busy!


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