Strange Coincidences

Strange Coincidences
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So, I met our new across the street neighbors.  They just moved here from… Atlanta!  And not East Point or Inman Park or Marietta.  No, they lived in Stone Mountain (I think it’s the next closest to Tucker, where we lived).

She seems nice (haven’t met him yet).  I wonder if this is a sign of things to come.  As Atlanta becomes lamer, more people move here.  I hope they don’t mess it up.  I like it here.

And while I’m piling on the Knoxville love, isn’t this weather awesome!  We’ve used our A/C for maybe a week total since we moved.  Our neighbors think we’re nuts, but it’s just too nice not to leave the windows up and enjoy a nice breeze!

Finally, I didn’t kill my mom yesterday.  We went dress shopping and she was very good.  She still thinks she’s going to get to decide on the guest list and the catering situation.  We avoided those subjects.  But other than a few prickly moments, everything was very nice.  Now if I could just pick a dress or convince her to lay off and let me just wear the super cute sundress I bought exactly for that purpose.  Moms are weird.




I went dress shopping with a friend to avoid that.  I think shopping with a friend to pick it out is best since I friend will tell you what you really look like in the dress.  A mom will tell you that you look great in all of them. GO with a friend and find the dress.  Then bring your mom back to see it.  Also if you have nay trouble finding a dress let me know! There is this amazing area in Cincinnati.  It has 2 city blocks of nothing but wedding attire.  I found mine there.  Also they will make sure no one in your area buys the same dress for that wedding season!


People seriously put to much pressure on the dress. Remember it is your day and wear what YOU want. Have fun finding it.  


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