Computers, the bane of my existance

Computers, the bane of my existance
Current mood:  busy

You know, when people shot weddings with film, they had a finite number of images based on the number of rolls they brought.  After the wedding, they dropped these rolls at the lab, had prints made to show the couple and then had the lab print the orders.  That was WAY less work!  Of course, you had to trust your lab completely, and you’d better not lose any of those rolls of film.  Plus, what if your camera starts acting up but you don’t realize it.

Anyway, the quality is better and you can shoot way more with digital.  Add that to the paranoia stated above, and I’m sold.  But I just spent over an hour trying to rename raw files with Photoshop.  I’m setting up a new work system, so it’s taking me a bit to figure out the most efficient way to do things.  Fun.

Also, I’m having to do all of this on Nate’s computer b/c mine is so full it won’t let me work with raw files in Photoshop (claiming a lack of memory).  So, while I’m fussing with Nate’s computer, I’m backing up everything on mine (all 300 gigs) so we can reinstall from scratch.  More fun.

Add to that the 3 weddings that must go on line and the huge stack of orders.  Work is good, but it’s keeping me busy.  Nate’s going in for a trial run with some folks here in Knoxville, so at least I’ll be inspired by his working to get to business on mine.

Life is busy, but I’ll get it all done.  Mom is talking about coming to Knoxville to dress shop.  I hope things go well!


~ by rebeccaclaire on June 5, 2006.

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