I love Prussian Blue

I love Prussian Blue
Current mood:  rejuvenated

Nate and  I put the 2nd coat of paint on my office.  IT IS SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL!  It’s pretty funny (to me at least), because my favorite color is burgundy and his is blue.  His office is “marooned” (burgundy) and mine is “rainstorm” (prussian blue).  And I certainly wouldn’t switch, I’m too in love with this color!  If Nate hadn’t picked his color before I picked mine, I probably would have picked burgundy, like I always do.  I’m so glad I went with something different.  There’s a rug at Lowe’s that will go perfectly with this color and will keep my desk chair from sliding all over the room.  I am so excited!  I hope we can quit at 2 coats so we can start on the floor, but we may have to hit sherwin williams again tomorrow.  I can see the room from here, and it is SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL!  It’s going to be awesome when it’s done.  I love our house.  Plus, I’m “off hold” for Monday and Tuesday of next week.  I enjoy my work in Atlanta and I can’t say the money isn’t great, but I’m so happy to get 2 more days here with Nate!  HURRAY!

You know, it was really cool the day I realized that life is more important than work.  Yes, you need work to do things like eat and other important aspects of living, but it’s not everything that there is.  I missed out on some stuff because I was busy being a good worker.  Well, screw that.  I can be a good worker and still enjoy the important things in life.  It’s all about scheduling and prioritizing and sometimes you just have to turn down a job or two along the way.  Maybe that’s my self-employed thinking, but I would love that to work for everyone.  Now get on it!  🙂  I think I might go do some yoga.


~ by rebeccaclaire on May 31, 2006.

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