Efficiency isn’t always a good thing

Efficiency isn’t always a good thing
Current mood:  bored

I am so bored.  I got way too much done too quickly, and now I’m trying to find things that look ‘work busy’ to entertain myself.  I need to work on being less efficient.

What have I done today… I learned that the chase the cat ad makes noise (with that particular computer plugged into the overhead speakers, so now everyone knows it).  I e-mailed my dress pics to several people.  I sent some friend requests.  I made some calls.  I dozed off while typing.  I changed my main pic.  I drooled over the Canon SD550.  I ate too many Milky Way midnight minis (now I feel a little queasy).  I set up my hair appointment for my wedding (that was productive).  I’m sure there was some other equally fabulous stuff.  But, the best thing is…

I bought a super cute sundress to wear at the reception and I’m so excited about it!  I had to order it online from Neiman Marcus (my first ever Neiman’s purchase, aka Needless Mark-up.  The price was the same everywhere and shipping was cheaper than paying tax.  YAY!)  I’m just stupidly excited about it.  🙂  I’m also excited about cute clothes for the rehearsal dinner and bridesmaid’s luncheon and even a cute outfit or two for the engagement showers.  Why can’t I get more excited for the big dress?  I don’t know.  I guess I’m just a big weirdo.

Anyway, I’m hanging with April and Andrew tonight.  That’ll be fun.  I’ll say ‘hi’ for you.

~ by rebeccaclaire on May 25, 2006.

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