Just more bitching

Just more bitching
Current mood:  aggravated


So, now my brother is trying to convince me that I want a huge catered wedding and a fluffy frufru dress.  I don’t WANT 400 guests.  I don’t even want 200.  100 is pushing it.  I hate catered food (sorry to any caterers out there, but it’s just not my fave).  And I want a sundress.  So there.  Is it so bad to want things out of the norm.  I wonder if this is mom encouraged or simply a decision reached after hearing her talk about EVERYTHING we have disagreed on.  She’s already had 2 weddings.  Can’t I please have one my way?

And that’s my whining for the evening.  Mom is officially on call restriction.  Adam rarely calls, but if he gets harrassing, he’s on restriction too!


~ by rebeccaclaire on May 18, 2006.

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