I love our house

I love our house
Current mood:  content

Man, I’m content.  I love our house.  We’ve been working on Nate’s office and started working on mine.  The kitchen is coming together and soon we’ll be able to cook.  Yesterday we finally mowed the back yard.  It was a bit of a prarie back there.  Nate had started on it and ran out of gas a week or so ago.  Then it rained and we went out of town and then it rained some more.  So we buckled down and weed whacked the thing.  Personally, I don’t mind the “natural” look, but it does look nice all smooth and green.  We filled the little composter with grass clippings.  And by filled, I mean it barely closed!  Hopefully we’ll get at least 1 raised bed done soon.  And then it’ll be tomato time before you know it!

The cats are happy.  I’m happy.  Nate’s happy.  It’s a happy place.  We finally got a washer and dryer (after Nate’s dad’s kicked the bucket mid wash.  Sorry, Larry!) and have done 2 loads so far.  I even organized our business filing.

Hopefully we’ll get more boxes unpacked and can have a barbecue or something like it soon!  We’ll see.  But I should be going to bed, I have an early start tomorrow.  Life is busy, but good.


~ by rebeccaclaire on April 24, 2006.

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