Taxes are lame, but life is good

Taxes are lame, but life is good

So, Nate and I had to pay money to the gov today.  That’s a bummer.  Especially b/c I know they’re not going to use that money for things that I want, like education and a Smoothie King on every block.  Oh well.

Other than that, it’s cool.  Nate and I decided we ARE going to have a wedding.  I know I haven’t really talked about the possibiltiy of not, but for a while the court house was looking really nice (I’d say Vegas, but it’s hot and stinky and loud and I just don’t care for the place).  But, we realized that the wedding isn’t just for the couple, it’s for their friends and family.  I mean, it’s for us b/c we’ll be super excited to see everyone and have a kick ass party.  At the same time, we’d still get married without the wedding and throw a part later.  So it’s not really different.  My mom thinks it’s a big deal though.  And I do want to have a fun party.

So, that’s as far as we’ve gotten.  There will be a wedding and a party to follow.  We’re trying not to break the bank, as all the money we would spend on a ridiculous shindig would be better spent on fixing up our house so that we can have barbecue parties at home with smaller groups of people.  Mom wants to buy me a dress, so that’s fun.  I thought a spaghetti or barbecue picnic would be awesome, but Nate pointed out that I would end up covered in some sort of sauce.  I’m still thinking of a picnic kind of thing.  Maybe with frisbees (I’m terrible at frisbees).  Yeah, there’s no Ritz Carlton in my future.  And hopefully this will keep things low stress.  Yay!  Hmm… How does pot luck and byob sound?  😉

Other than that, we’ve torn out the carpet in one room of our house and primed the walls.  Nate is mowing down the field that is our back yard and I’m waiting on some files to transfer so I can work on school pictures.  Our stuff is still mainly in boxes, but it’s more organized and I’m not feeling nearly so insane.

On a sad note, apparently the realty company that I thought was fairly nice is evil (just like the last one.)  Not only did they charge us $250 to cut the yard and another $100 for some other stuff around the house, they “forgot” that we’d paid a huge pet deposit that is supposed to be refunded.  Yeah, it’s a fair chunk of change.  They say they have no record of it, and the best part is, I can’t find our copy of the lease!  I fear it’s in the old house somewhere.  But I’m going to get a copy of the cashier’s check I wrote them and get that money back!  So what have we learned?  Only rent from individuals, or just buy something, even if it’s a cardboard box.  Rental companies will screw you at every chance they get!  

p.s. Watch out for Ark Realty in Decatur, GA.  They’re not as bad as Excalibur Home Management in Lawrenceville, but they still suck.

p.p.s. I still don’t understand how you can sign off on a piece of paper that you and the inspector agree that there’s this much to be taken off the deposit refund and then they can go and just change their minds later when you aren’t there to defend yourself.


~ by rebeccaclaire on April 17, 2006.

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