The DMV bugs me

The DMV bugs me
Current mood:  annoyed

So the DMV is annoying. When Nate got his GA license, they determined (with him standing there being male) that he must be female. I mean, is Nathan such a feminine name and is Nate a really girly man? Apparently. (They tried to make him take the driving test then too, despite his having a valid license and the website clearly stating that a test wasn’t needed if you have a valid license. And then we had to borrow money from the lady in line next to us b/c the website said nothing about cash only. What a nice lady. That was his 4th trip to get his license and we’d thought it was successful. It was a real chore.) Anyway, they sent a letter saying they couldn’t confirm his information so he couldn’t have his license till he got it figured out. He’d already been to the DMV 4 times to get to this point and so we read over everything and it all looked right, until we got to this little F under gender. Ah-hah! That’s easy, just show up and show that he’s male. We went to the Gainesville DMV because we didn’t want to spend 3 days in line in Atlanta. The lady laughed and said how silly, here’s your license, the end.

Well, he went to get his license and insurance and such in TN today and guess what. That little F is following him. His insurance people said that GA recorded their mistake as a suspension on his license. Great! The insurance people said it wouldn’t be a problem and wouldn’t affect his insurance, BUT they couldn’t do anything today. So back he comes to Atlanta to get another load of stuff and drive back to Knoxville tomorrow. What a pain. He was hoping to get all of that done today, but the stars at the DMV misaligned 2 years ago (nearly to the day) to mess that plan up. Stupid DMV.


~ by rebeccaclaire on March 21, 2006.

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