I’m related to what?!

My brother is amazing sometimes.  He and I get along pretty well, most of the time, and sometimes I think he’s an obnoxious twit and he thinks I’m a flakey airhead.  It all works out.  Well, today he truely surprised me.

Last Sunday I sent him home with a U-haul of furniture.  It took a week or 2 to get him over here to pick out what he wanted (having to compete w/ Family Guy and all).  Then, he didn’t have a working hand truck or any straps.  So, I lent him all of my packing straps and a handtruck I had borrowed from this really awesome photographer who is super nice and just rocks in general.  I expected to pick up these items Monday, but my brother forgot to leave them where I could get to them.  And then the basketball started and we had to go out of town for the closing and I couldn’t get him to bring anything to me and he was never home.

I told him yesterday that we must have these things for my move on Sunday morning.  He said he’d bring them by last night, but got distracted by basketball and then had to be somewhere, so he’d bring them in the morning.

1p.m. rolls around and I hadn’t heard anything.  Finally, he calls around 1:30.  He’d just gotten up and says he will bring the stuff by at halftime of the game he’s now watching.  Well, we had to leave to go shoot a wedding (which went great!  The people are the 3rd of a group of friends I’ve been photographing weddings for and they are just a super fun bunch.  I hope I book more of their friends because the weddings are a blast and the photos look great!), I told Adam that it would be fine to leave the stuff on the back deck under the eaves.

After he’s dropped off the stuff at 2:45, he calls to say it’s at my house and I might be mad at him.  Um, why?  Oh, because the little piece that holds the wheel on fell off at some point and the wheel keeps falling off.  So, I lent him a working handtruck (because the wheel fell off of his) and he’s returned a busted one?  Unacceptable!  Fix it!  Don’t just return it!  What would even make it seem ok to not fix it?

My brother seemed a bit surprised at my strong reaction.  I’m on my way to a wedding and I am moving tomorrow morning.  (It’s 11:30p.m. now and I’ve just gotten home.)  I can’t go find a new part to fix the handtruck I borrowed because I had to work (the handtruck he and I had shared broke on his last move.  Also due to a wheel falling off)  He asked where Nate was.  What does that matter?  Nate didn’t break the handtruck!  Besides, Nate was with me, on his way to work all night at a wedding.  It’s up to him. 

He seemed almost annoyed.  But, he called back about 15 minutes later to say he’d bought a pin to fix it and had found several sizes just in case.  Thank you.  Of course, we returned home to find everything on the patio area, not under any eaves, but the wheel appears to be fixed.  I just couldn’t believe a smart boy like that would think it’s ok to return something broken when it was fine when he borrowed it.  Sometime I wonder about him.  I know he was just concerned about missing his basketball, but I think not screwing over your sister is more important.  That’s just me.  I suppose I’ll have to think about it before I lend him something again.  But maybe he’s learned that I won’t always say, “That’s ok.  I’ll fix it.”

Anyway, he’s really a nice boy.  Just stupid in the head sometimes.

~ by rebeccaclaire on March 18, 2006.

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