I feel so grown up

I feel so grown up
Current mood:  accomplished


Man, yesterday was the most productive day of house looking yet.  Bill’s cousin rocks!  Thanks for the tip, Bill.  He’s newer in the real estate business than the Bob/Sally evil duo, and he really loves real estate.  Unlike our demonic duo, he hasn’t tried to upsell us or anything!  He’s been so helpful and really knows his stuff.  We are so happy that we switched to him.  So…

Anyone buying a house in the Knoxville area, check out Wade Hudson from Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace.  He’s our age and understands what we’re trying to do.  He rocks.

Anyway, so yesterday we put an offer in on a house!  It’s super cute.  If we get it, I’ll post pictures.  They have until 6 or so to get back to us.  We’re not 100% we’ll get it b/c they’re asking a lot more than it’s probably worth.  But Wade did his homework and found out the value of the house based on the houses around it that have sold recently and are similar.  So, we’ll see.  And if they insist on selling it for that crazy sum, we’ll just keep looking.  We are so in love that we’ll cry every night if we don’t get it.  I think it’s partially due to our planning our dream house already.  This house is just a stepping stone.

So, I feel super adult now.  And Wade is super nice.  I take back any generalizations I made about realtors.  He has restored my faith.  I just can’t say enough good things.  W/ the B/S twins, I felt like I was doing all of the work.  They kept sending me houses that didn’t meet our criteria, I kept sending criteria updates.  But at the same time, I felt that if I wanted to see anything I was actually interested in, I’d have to find it.  So I spent a fair chunk of my free time doing MLS searches on line and sending them the listing #s.  Then they would say we didn’t want those, we wanted these really expensive ones instead.  It was so frustrating.  But with Wade, I gave him our search parameters and our price range and he did his searching within those.  He made some suggestions, but he had sound reasoning to back them up and convinced us to look outside a few of our parameters and now here we are.  We’ve professionally dumped Bob and Sally and we’re with Wade now.  It’s not us, it’s them.  We just weren’t ready for their kind of realty.

Anyway, if you need Wade’s contact info, let me know.  I want to encourage his kind of realty!  Reality based realty, if you want.

By the way, we’ve put an offer down on a house!!!  I know I mentioned it before, but man, how exciting!  We’re really doing this!  We’re really moving to Knoxville and buying a house!  What a grown up I am.  🙂

p.s. New update.  The seller’s husband is in the National Guard and is serving right now, so he’s harder to get a hold of and the realtor’s mom with liver trouble and 3 years to live was just admitted to the hospital.  So, we’ve extended our offer 24 hours (b/c we’re nice and willing to work with them).  So I’ll let you know tomorrow!  🙂

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