Busy week!

Busy week!
Current mood:  accomplished


I have been so productive this week.  I finished my taxes on Wednesday!!!  I cannot tell you how excited I am!  I even met with my accountant Thursday.  I just want it all done so I have this year’s return to hopefully use in my quest for a house/studio.  Man was it insane.  For 3 weeks, I just entered info into my little accounting program and hoped for the best.  Luckily the accountant said it was very nice and organized and not at all the train wreck I feared.  Yay!!  I think I’m finally recovering and coming back into the real world.  I had a hard time not talking accounting to everyone I met.  3 weeks of solid tax work will do that to you.  My plan is to be better about it from now on and not have to record everything at the end of the year!

Also, I pitched our mattress on Tuesday.  I decided I would prefer sleeping on the floor.  Luckily we have Nate’s futon from college.  Despite being flat as hell, it’s vastly superior.  I remember being able to feel the bars beneath the mattress last time I slept on it, but I can’t anymore.  I’m so glad the garbage men took away the old mattress.  It was so heavy and had no shape to it whatsoever!  It kept trying to fold in half when I was dragging it on its end, so when I got outside, I gave up and just drug it flat to the end of our thankfully short driveway!  Whew!

I’ve also been better about exercising.  I’ve walked and done yoga.  Yay for me!  I’m trying to be better.  Once around the neighborhood is a mile.  If it would just stop raining I would be happy.

Nate’s friend Adam has been in town the last few days and that’s been super fun.  We’ve just hung out and cooked and played video games and watched movies.  But it’s back to work when he leaves.  I was super good yesterday morning.  I totally crashed out early Friday night (I’m old and fall asleep between 10 and midnight, often closer to 10), so I woke up a good 4 hours before everyone else.  So I cleaned the kitchen (which is a wreck again due to delicious soup and fancy mixed drinks), and did some laundry and started getting rid of stuff again. 

I am so tired of lugging around stuff that I think, “Maybe I’ll need this some day.”  So much of it is stuff that I don’t even like!  So I went through all of my fabric and patterns and managed to pull out 1/2 of each to sell at the yard sale!  This is going to be the hugest yard sale with the widest variety of stuff of any yard sale ever recorded in the history of mankind!  Well, maybe not, but it’ll be close.  If you’re in the Atlanta area, you should come by.  I’ll post when it’s going to happen.  But we’re getting rid of everything!  All of the furniture we’re tired of moving and don’t really like (it’s comfy, just not our favorite) and the knick nacks and doo-dads I’ve held on to through the last several rounds of “Why am I carrying this stuff with me every time I move.”  I’m tired of boxing and unboxing it.  So much of it hasn’t been used since I adopted it from wherever it came from.  It’s time to go and I’m ready to part with it.  I’m moving on from my hippie-bohemian trinket phase to a sleeker, more minimalist stage and I’m super excited about it!  Now, I’m still keeping some stuff, but it will be a far cry from where I started in 2001 when I finally gathered all of my things from the 4 states I was living in to one place.  It’s time to start fresh!

And that’s about it.  I’m hungry.  Time to eat!


~ by rebeccaclaire on January 22, 2006.

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