So, I thought that January would be super slow and I would have WAY too much time on my hands. Oh no, not for me! But it’s a good busy. We’re actually getting things done on so many levels. We’ll be in Knoxville on Sunday to look at possible property on which to build both the studio and the house. We may be there Monday as well, depending on how many places we can see Sunday. I’m busily getting all of my tax stuff together. It’s a bit of a burr in my butt b/c the last couple of years I had everything recorded already, b/c I’d sit down with my bills and such and Excel and just record everything there once a month. Well, I was told that Quickbooks rocks, so I switched over to that and realized I don’t speak accountant-ese very well. Oh well. It’s coming together and actually making me even more organized–or bringing my organizational system in line with regular business folks (and despite my being an artist, I’ve been informed that I’m ridiculously organized, so you can imagine what Quickbooks has done, maybe). I’m at the point now where I’m going to be double checking and recording things. I have to get all of my income and sales recorded asap b/c I have sales tax to file. FUN! Oh the things they don’t tell you in art school. Sometimes I think I should’ve double majored in business. Too late now.

Anyway, on an even bigger note, I’M INCORPORATING! I mean, really, I’m going to be a corporate entity. Well, my business will be, I’ll be an actual employee of something for the first time ever! Plus, Nate is coming on board as the second shooter/designer for the photo business plus he’ll be doing freelance broadcast design under our corporate name. And even better, he’s found that he has a direct link to several people at Scripps (which is like Turner, only in Knoxville). And on another note, I’ve been told I should look into voice-over work (apparently I have a voice for voice-over? Or is it I have the face for voice-over. ), so I’ll see about looking into that on the side. We’ll see how busy I am. But unlike some of the other side projects I’ve picked up here and there, this one sounds like a better money/time ratio. And Nate’s been looking for an excuse to include a small sound booth in the office plans. Obviously, I can’t have my corporate name with Photography in it b/c
we’re doing so much non-photography work. So you’ll just have to wait
and see what it is. I’ll do a big announcement later (once I confirm I have the name. I’d hate to announce and then have to unannounce to reannounce a new name). Plus, once we build the studio, we’ll have to have a big open-house party!

Anyway, I’m just crazy busy and super happy about it! Plus, for the last 2 days, I’ve gone walking for around 5.5 miles total! I’m so good. 😉 Ok, I’d be better if I’d started it at the begining of the year, but I’m working on it! We’ll see if I get some exercise in today too. But first, back to work!


~ by rebeccaclaire on January 12, 2006.

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