I Hate Accounting!

I Hate Accounting!
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OY!  There are reasons I’m a photographer and not an accountant!  It is so, excruciatingly painful!  Ok, enough with the !s.  I’m just trying to enter my info into quickbooks, the most evil program ever invented (or at least it seems that way today).  I just don’t think I understand it.  I want to pay my sales tax (well, I’d prefer to never pay my sales tax b/c it’s just one more accounting related thing that I have to do, but Dekalb County says I want to pay it, and so I suppose I have to do what they say), I try to record this in quickbooks.  It says “no no, don’t write a check.  Use this fancy ‘pay your sales tax in 15 not-so-easy steps’ thing we made up to drive you crazy.”  I’m sure it’s a fine way to do things, but for some reason, it wants me to pay all of my sales tax for the entire year.  I’m all paid up except for this one.  I’m not paying again!

I know my problem is probably that I started this whole mess in June rather than January, so I’m behind.  I sat down and entered a whole bunch of stuff when I first started, then I got super busy, and now I’m incredibly behind.  The last 3 years I’ve just entered my info into an excel spreadsheet, made a tidy little summary sheet, and then handed things over to my accountant.  Well, the last accountant turned out to be an idiot who over charged and made an unacceptable number of mistakes on my taxes.  So now, I use my brother.  He’s not a tax guy, he’s just someone related to me who said he’d do my taxes.  He works for Ernst and Young and has a degree in something accounting related.  And as far as I can tell, he did a good job.  But now he wants me to use this evil program and he’s too busy to point to things and say “do it this way.”

I should be able to do this.  I’m smart.  I have an expensive degree from what I’ve been told is a prestigious institution of higher learning.  Hell, I was raised by accountants (much like being raised by wolves, only with more math), it should be in my blood.  But I’m the black-sheep, freaky artist who wants to make pretty things rather than balance spread sheets and discuss debits.  OY!

I suppose I should just suck it up and hire someone to do it for me.  Anyone know a good tax guy?  I have some questions about fraudulent tax practices and my boyfriend’s employer as well.

~ by rebeccaclaire on October 17, 2005.

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  1. Things never change.

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