I’ve fallen to the Dark Side

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Those of you who have been unfortunate (or fortunate as your perspective may be) enough to catch me on a real “gear head” day know that I have always been a hardcore Nikon girl.  My Canon friends and I teased each other about jealousy and who had the “real camera.”  Well, I have fallen.  Last year I bought a 20D to replace my D100 as my main camera.  I didn’t really buy a lot of fancy gear to go with it, as this was a trial run for Canon.  So… even after trying out the new (and super expensive!) toys that Nikon has offered up this year, I’m hooked.  I have shot quite a bit of the last few weddings at 1600 and the photos are beautiful!  And now, it is time to commit.  Moments ago, I bought real lenses to go with my Canon camera.  These are 2.8, the slowest I swore I would go when I bought my batch of Nikon lenses oh so many years ago, and the fastest I can get for the lenses I need.  It was a bit painful, but it had to be done.  Nikon has dropped the ball, in my opinion, and I am beyond simply toe-ing the Dark Side line.  Perhaps I should change my business to “Darth Claire Photography.”


~ by rebeccaclaire on October 5, 2005.

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