Happy New Year!!!

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Last year at this time, Nathan & I were desperately trying to finish up a couple of jobs so we could go on vacation. But the year before, we had finally recovered from our movie making adventure and headed out to ring in the new year with Karrie & Bryan. We played Zombie Fluxx (which is an awesome version of a game called Fluxx which is also awesome, unless you try to play it with my family. Then it’s an excruciating experience as they turn a super fun, super silly game into a game of impossible strategy and frustration), drank fancy chocolate drinks and watched the ball fall. I hope we’re having as much fun this year!


Happy Halloween!!

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Halloween is my favorite holiday. I made a special ring tone for it so my phone is appropriately spooky. Sadly, either I or Nathan usually have to work or be out of town or something tragic on Halloween. There was the truly amazing Halloween of 07 when Nathan & I came up with the most epic costumes ever!

Halloween 08 had kind of a slow start, but things eventually picked up. Knoxville Halloweens have always been more fabulous kid-wise than Atlanta, but they seem to be slowing down as people start taking their kids to trick-or-treat at the mall or to Trunk-or-Treats. Sigh.

Then there was Halloween 09 when Nathan & I holed ourselves up in the cave of his office for September and October and created our Zombi movie which had its first viewing on the Saturday before Halloween. We were so fried from the ordeal, we totally grinched Halloween (we had no money due to spending it on the movie and no time to buy candy due to spending it on the movie) and hid in the basement with all the lights on while children pounded on our doors demanding high fructose corn syrup. That may have been a low point in my Halloweening. Worse even than driving from Savannah to Atlanta on Halloween so I could be at a job the next day. Sigh. But we Zombied it up the day before!

Halloween 10 we were in St. Louis for an amazing wedding at Union Station in St. Louis. No costumes, but we had a blast! Anyway, I have rambled on for far too long. So to wrap things up, here are some photos of my Halloween costume from 2008. I went as Class of 96 and pretty much this entire ensemble is vintage “Claire in High School.” I’m a bit of a packrat. And there may be some photos of a party I went to in Maryville and my friend who invited me to said party and my dog.

We’ve Moved (our blog)

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Hey folks! Just wanted to let you know that our blog has moved to a new location. So check us out at http://blog.rebeccaclaire.com.

Chocolate Cake vs Strawberry Cake

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I have a facebook friend who every time I post anything supporting gay marriage has to pee in my Cheerios about how wrong it is and how we’re suppressing his right to religious freedoms. So Nathan came up with this analogy:

The gay marriage debate is a lot like people eating cake. The chocolate cake eaters want everyone to eat chocolate cake. They feel that chocolate cake is the right cake to eat and that eating any other kind of cake is very bad for you. Then there are the strawberry cake eaters. They want the chocolate cake eaters to let them eat their strawberry cake in peace. They don’t want to be harassed for eating strawberry cake, and they want it to be available for them. They don’t care if the chocolate cake eaters eat chocolate cake, they don’t want to. They think chocolate cake is gross (or are allergic to chocolate–that’s my addition). The chocolate cake eaters disagree. They are afraid that if they strawberry cake eaters are allowed to eat their cake, they will try to tempt the children of the chocolate cake eaters (or other adult chocolate cake eaters) into trying and even preferring strawberry cake.

So when you look at it that way, why wouldn’t we let people eat their preferred cake flavor? Hell, the more people who eat strawberry cake, the more chocolate cake is left for chocolate cake eaters to enjoy! Right? Anyway, I just really liked the analogy.


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Take that, fiscal responsibility!

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My parents were not the kind to just buy us stuff only because we begged for it (except for sticker books. Dad spent a pretty good chunk of money on those things). If it wasn’t our birthday or Christmas, we had to save up our allowance and buy it ourselves. This really bites for those of us with Christmas birthdays.

I wanted She-Ra’s Crystal Castle (which I think ran about $30 back in the early 80s) SO BAD! So I saved up my allowance FOREVER! and finally had enough money to buy it. Being in the Under 10 set, I had my money safely stored in a shoebox, mostly in coin form. I held that box safely in my lap all the way to Toys R Us, so excited to finally get my Crystal Castle. Too excited. When we arrived, I hopped out of the car and promptly dropped the box of coins all over the backseat, the floor, down in the seat cracks. I was devastated! I had just barely saved up enough and if we didn’t find every penny, I wouldn’t be able to buy the Crystal Castle!! We dug and reached and scrounged, but I don’t think we found them all. Luckily, Dad was kind enough to cover the difference, and I kept that castle until I gave it to a friend’s 8 year-old two years ago. Thanks, DAD!

The Princess and the Pea

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My husband is always a well of surprises. He knows the song “Sing Sweet Nightingale” from Disney’s Cinderella better than I do (and I had the record and listened to it ad nauseum the entirety of ages 4-6, but Nathan has a little sister 7 years his junior). However, Nate had never heard of the Princess & the Pea. EVER! In fact, he didn’t believe it was a real fairy tale. Of course, it could have been my story telling technique:

Ok, so this Queen & Prince are hanging out in their castle and it’s a really rainy, nasty night. There’s a knock at the gate, and when they go answer it, there’s a Princess standing there looking all bedraggled like a drowned kitten. She says, “Hi, I’m a Princess from a neighboring kingdom. I was out riding and got lost and my horse ran away.” The Queen was like, yeah right, but she let the Princess in. The Queen said, “you wait right here while we go fix your room.” Then the Queen went and put a tiny little pea on the bottom of the bed. Then she put FIVE HUNDRED mattresses (it was a high-ceilinged room) on top. The Princess climbed into bed and went to sleep. The next day, the Queen & the Prince were sitting around the castle and the Princess walked in looking all battered and bruised. They asked her how she slept and she said “oh just terrible! There was a huge pokey lump in the bed.” The Queen knew she was a real Princess and the Prince & Princess got married. The End.

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